Our Team

“Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.” - Steve Jobs



Operations Head

Suraj is the man who knows the ABCs of digital marketing. With over 10+ years of experience as an internet marketer, Suraj is one of the best Organic SEO and social media marketers in the tech biz. At iGeeksBlog, he leads the content team and helps ideate and edit how-to tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and more. Being an avid fan of Apple products himself, he constantly explores the latest tips and tricks to share with iGeeksBlog readers. Also a fitness freak, you can find him working out at the gym or listening to retro music when not on his screen.



Senior HR Executive

Palak is a savvy HR professional with an entrepreneurial notion. Her forte is hiring top talent, performance management, and workforce planning. She believes in creating "Humans" rather than just "Resources" within the organization. Beyond work, Palak enjoys reading and engaging in fascinating conversations on entrepreneurship, psychology, fashion, tech, history, space, and art. In her leisure time, she enjoys sipping on tea, doing her nails, coloring mandalas, and playing BGMI while also nurturing her daughter's curiosities and exploring her areas of interest.



Senior Content Editor

Meet our Content Editor, a dedicated Apple enthusiast with a passion for editing and improving quality. With nuanced perspectives on history, politics, art, and life in general, he brings a unique perspective to our team. When not busy perfecting our content, you'll find him discussing Formula 1, football, cricket, movies, shows, and food. Above all, he is a huge Messi fan!



Creative Strategist

Hardik is someone who has done it all. He is a Mechanical Engineer who also has been a Radio Jockey for more than half a decade for a National Network. He has also worked with a Nationalised Educational Institution and helped them build content for their YouTube. He is a movie and a tech enthusiast who loves the world of visual content and can spend endless hours watching content online. He strongly believes that if his content brings difference to even one person watching it then his job is more than accomplished.



Video Editor & Content Creator

Tech, Bikes, and Games are three things that define Sameer's life. Being a former Journalism and Mass Communication graduate, he has a fine understanding of working in the Tech Media World. Sameer has been fascinated by technology for the past 13 years and is always on the hunt for new technology releases and events. He presently edits and creates videos for the iGeeksBlog Hindi YouTube channel. When he is not working on videos, he enjoys riding his bike through the wilderness. Have you checked his podcast yet?



Video Editor

Chirag is an iGeeksBlog video editor that concentrates on beautifying and refining iGeeksBlog's YouTube and Instagram video content. He loves bringing imagery to life and is always trying out new approaches and styles. He's worked on prime-time TV shows, reality shows, documentaries, movie trailers, and music video clips, among other things. He can be seen playing video games, watching movies, or listening to music when he is not at the editing table.



Social Media Strategist

Hardik is our Social Media Strategist. With a passion for digital marketing and a keen understanding of social media platforms, Hardik excels in creating effective strategies to enhance brand visibility, engage audiences, and drive organic growth. Armed with a deep knowledge of the latest industry trends and insights, he leverages innovative tactics to optimize social media campaigns and maximize results.



Sr. Content Writer

Sajid's passion in technology has been apparent ever since he was a kid. He began his professional life as a graphic designer before eventually shifting to a career in writing. At different publications, he covered topics related to technology, especially Apple. When he's not working on a computer, he's probably working on some form of puzzle or honing his skills. When he's not busy, you'll find him watching movies, TV shows, cricket, or playing his favorite game, Genshin Impact.



SEO Manager

Krushang is like a Swiss army knife in SEO. He has two master's degrees in computer science and is currently studying at IIM Ahmedabad. He is one of the rarest SEO professionals with a data driven approach. He is one of the friendliest and finest people to work with. He can literally force Google to show what’s intended on SERP. A fun-loving technical SEO specialist that can turn the table in favor with the help of most advanced technical Seo expertise. He likes to share and discuss good things and ideas with others.



Content Writer

A geeky potato who loves to decode the tech through words. Her honest product reviews help our readers to take a breath of relief and check out the most suitable products for themselves. Besides, she writes easy-to-do tutorials with extensive research so that everyone may return with a solution always. You may find her cooking, exploring different cuisines, and vlogging if she is not typing.



Social Media Executive

Journalist, Researcher, Script Writer, Digital Geek Inquisitorial, Shutterbug, AND All Around Seeker.



Cinematographer + Video Editor

Say cheese to our cinematographer-cum-video editor. Mahi is a passionate about capturing the perfect shot to bring a director's vision to life. He's an expert in lighting, camera angles, and shot composition, and then uses his editing skills to create visually stunning videos. When not working on a project, you'll find Mahi experimenting with new camera techniques, exploring new camera gadgets, and developing new video shoot ideas.



Content Writer

Yash is a driven individual with a passion for technology and its impact on our world. His aim is to educate and inform others about the newest advancements in technology and how they can benefit society. In consonance, he is deeply indulged in anime and Marvel Cinematic Universe, if not writing.



Content Writer

A voracious writer who loves to give words to the complexities of the technological arena. I like to do research on your part and write easy-to- understand tutorials so you never feel lost in the pool of offerings. When not writing, you will find me listening to BTS songs or gushing over their talent.



Content Creator

Say hello to Anshul Sharma, a passionate Content Creator at iGeeks Media. He enjoys sharing the latest Apple, tech and AI tools insights. Besides that, Anshul is an avid traveler, cyclist, and bookworm, who loves exploring the world one adventure at a time.



Content Writer

Ayush is a tech enthusiast turned tech journalist and how-to writer who crafts exceptional blog posts. His expertise lies in delivering clear and concise explanations, making his content informative and engaging for the readers. When he's not writing, you can find him binging on videos from his favorite tech YouTubers or diving into immersive open-world games on his trusty old Lenovo Legion 5 Pro.



SEO Executive

Hetvi Ranpura is a proficient SEO executive. She has extensive knowledge of various aspects of SEO, ranging from on-page optimization to off-page strategies and technical SEO. Besides her professional expertise, she is an ardent traveler, hiker, dedicated binge-watcher, and enthusiastic foodie. Her diverse interests fuel her creativity and inspire her to deliver outstanding results in the ever-evolving world of SEO.



SEO Executive

Vrinda is a digital marketing enthusiast with extensive expertise in On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. With a strong foundation in optimization, she excels at enhancing online visibility and achieving organic search engine rankings. Vrinda revels as an avid learner, constantly adapting to new challenges and exploring diverse interests such as singing, reading, and binge-watching.




Om is a talented Cinematographer/Filmmaker with boundless energy and exceptional skills in identifying the perfect lighting and aesthetics for videos. He is a self-cultivated creative individual who has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from short films to product commercials to song covers. At the age of 17, he was already winning International Film Contests and providing wings to his filmmaking career. Creating something new every day is what drives him, and being a part of the IGM team allows him to do that.